Truancy is a continuing issue in education today. When students aren’t in school, their education lags behind their peers and schools cannot receive full funding for all of the students they serve. While GPS technology cannot address many of the factors contributing to and creating truant students, it does provide one more tool for supervising agents and school truancy officers to help students stay in school.

Supervising agents create inclusion zones around the school campus where students must enter at a certain time and remain until a specified period of time, usually to the end of the school day. Supervising agents can also create exclusion zones around shopping malls, the student’s home and other locations where students cannot go during specified periods of the day, such as when they should be in school.

BLUtag is an ideal GPS monitoring device for supervising juvenile enrollees in the community. It is small enough for a pants leg to easily cover it. The device is lightweight, weighing around 6 ounces. Enrollees have only one task to complete each day: recharge the battery for one hour. BLUtag even reminds the enrollee to recharge battery by vibrating when the power level begins to get low.