Monitoring Center

Satellite Tracking of People LLC offers flexible monitoring services to our customers needing additional support in the receipt and management of RF and GPS events.

When a supervising agency uses our Monitoring Center service, our technicians receive event notifications and conduct the initial evaluation and investigation. They follow the protocols developed by the supervising agency, which ensures consistent management of events as well as full documentation for each step taken to accurately manage each event.

Supervising agencies determine the usage level of the Monitoring Center service and what events our technicians will manage. For example, an agency may want our Monitoring Center technicians to receive manage events during the overnight hours, weekends and holidays. Other agencies may want our technicians to receive notifications for all RF events or designated GPS events.

Regardless of the type of monitoring equipment used (GPS or RF), our Monitoring Center technicians have ready access to each agency’s protocols through the Monitoring Center functionality in VeriTracks. This tab displays a running list of all events for an agency and who is managing each event.