Solutions+ Program



Because starting or expanding an Electronic Monitoring Program is no easy task

Using the Solutions+ Program from Securus Monitoring Solutions is the worry-free way to get your individualized electronic monitoring program up and running on time and on budget. As a leader in the electronic monitoring industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive support for the planning, development and implementation of turnkey state-of-the-art electronic monitoring programs that are completely scalable—regardless of the community size or location.

For those agencies that want to expand an existing EM program, the Solutions+ Program offers agencies access to an array of EM hardware, software and ancillary services that make expanding the breadth and scope of a program a straightforward process. Below is an overview of the products and services available through the Solutions+ Program:


We offer an array of electronic monitoring solutions covering everything from home confinement to active 24/7 tracking to on-demand remote alcohol monitoring. In addition, our highly-trained staff can:

  • Install and remove electronic monitoring equipment
  • Create and assign monitoring parameters, such as GPS zones and
    zone schedules and RF curfews
  • Triage event notifications, such as violations, and managing them by  following an agency’s protocols
  • Communicate directing with law enforcement, corrections officers and enrollees

Our professional case managers can handle the entire spectrum of day-to-day activities associated with verifying a participant’s compliance with a given program’s specific rules and regulations:

  • Schedule and conduct in-person compliance meetings with enrollees
  • Coordinate court appointments for enrollees to ensure attendance
  • Schedule, approve and verify enrollee appointments
  • Provide violation notifications to supervising agents
  • Submit reports, program statistics and other data to the agency
  • Testify in court on an agency’s behalf


Let us handle the paperwork and give your agents more time to spend in the field supervising enrollees. Our team can handle all the details including:

  • Pre-enrollment screenings
  • Enrollee intake and processing
  • Complete and process court-mandated paperwork
  • Conducting enrollee orientations
  • Collecting fees and invoicing enrollees directly