VeriTracks is our secure web-based monitoring application. It is the repository of all enrollee data (e.g., name, phone number(s), address(s), risk level, physical characteristics, photo(s), etc.) and monitoring data (e.g., GPS location points, violations, zones, zone schedules, etc.). VeriTracks distributes event notifications to designated recipients using email, fax or text message.

VeriTracks is the work engine for all GPS, RF and Breath Alcohol monitoring data and enrollee information. Authorized users log into VeriTracks to enroll/un-enroll enrollees, add free-form narrative notes about an event, update enrollee information (e.g., address, phone number, physical characteristics, vehicle information) and/or zones/zone schedules, analyze GPS monitoring data, generate reports, etc.

Some of the advanced functionality of VeriTracks include:

  • Associations
    Authorized users can easily determine if enrollees spend time with each other, which may be a violation of their terms of supervision. This functionality crosses caseloads across an agency, meaning enrollees don’t have to have the same supervising agent in order for this to work.
  • Timeline
    The locations and movements of one or more enrollees displays in a calendar-like format allowing authorized users to easily detect patterns in the locations where an enrollee(s) spends time. Timeline looks for correlations between already-identified locations, such as a friend’s or family member’s houses. New locations an enrollee(s) visit are easily identified and can be investigated.
  • Crime Scene Correlation
    VeriTracks can receive data from local law enforcement’s records management system on reported crimes and incidents and will automatically compare the location of reported crimes and incidents with the movements of enrollees. When an enrollee was in the vicinity of a reported crime or incident, VeriTracks creates a list of correlations and emails the report to designated recipient(s).
  • Threads
    This is an integrated Data Link Analysis solution originally developed for the Department of Homeland Security and aquired by Securus Technologies, STOP’s parent company. Threads offers a powerful suite of investigative and analytical tools to analyze track point data in VeriTracks. Threads allows Authorized users to visually see correlations within large data sets.

Authorized users access VeriTracks using any computer, smart phone or tablet with a high-speed internet connection. They can also access VeriTracks through our native VeriTracks Mobile app in the Google Play® store. Get it on Google Play

VeriTracks Mobile

After downloading the free VeriTracks Mobile app, authorized users can manage their caseloads through their smart phone if their laptop or tablet is not handy. They can enroll and un-enroll enrollees, assign/un-assign and install/remove equipment, confirm and close events, add a photo(s) of the enrollee, as well as add narrative notes about an event or the enrollee.

VeriTracks Mobile offers the exclusive Pursuit function, which accelerates the rate at which BLUtag reports into VeriTracks. Authorized users can easily track the enrollee’s direction of travel on-screen and it automatically refreshes. This means authorized users can always see the distance between themselves and the enrollee(s).